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At St. Marks Church we recognize that children are a special gift from God. Our highly trained staff plays an essential and influential role in making God’s love real to these little ones. We value each child as unique and special, to be cared for and nurtured, and shown the love of Christ. 

Our nursery is available on Sunday mornings from 10:00 - 11:45.

Ages Birth- 3 yrs.

Kingdom Zone


 A place for all children – exploring what it means to follow Jesus and love one another.  We provide curriculum and learning experiences that reinforce the importance of having a kind and loving spirit, being forgiving of ourselves and others, showing empathy and compassion towards others, and being generous in our giving of gifts and services.  We strive to celebrate diversity through an inclusive environment. 

Kingdom Zone meets on Sunday mornings from 10:30 - 11:30

Ages 4 yrs - 5th Grade.



 St Marks Youth Group is a young, innovative, and energetic group of teens who gather together for special retreats and fellowship.

Grades 6 - 12 

The Women's Love Group


 Our desire as a women’s ministry is to nurture the hearts of women, to know God’s Word and follow faithfully after Christ demonstrating authenticity, love, and service. This group meets the first Monday of each month at 6:00pm in various homes.  

Life Groups


St Marks has several small groups meeting throughout the month. We call them “Life Groups”.

Through small groups people are able to participate more fully in:

L -Loving Relationships
I – Involvement in Ministry
F – Fellowship in the Word
E – Evangelism 

Each Life Group provides a safe place for people to grow in meaningful relationships, to know one another, and be known, love one another and be loved, and celebrate one another and be celebrated.

Music & Worship Arts


Music & The Worship Arts at St Marks exists to lead people into a more intimate and authentic relationship with God through the artistic mediums of music, drama, dance, visual arts, and the technical arts.

God has gifted artists of all ages with talents that can make an enormous impact in the lives of people. It is in using those gifts through service to God that we find our ultimate satisfaction and purpose in life.