Supporting the incorporation of music, art, beauty, and creativity as a reflection of the Creator

Music & The Worship Arts at St Marks exists to lead people into a more intimate and authentic relationship with God through the artistic mediums of music, drama, dance, visual arts, and the technical arts.

God has gifted artists of all ages with talents that can make an enormous impact in the lives of people. It is in using those gifts through service to God that we find our ultimate satisfaction and purpose in life.

If you have been gifted with skills in the area of the creative arts and have a passion for using those gifts to connect with people and to connect people to God, we hope that you will discover the opportunities that exist for artists here at St. Marks. Contact Jeanne Eller, Music & Worship Arts Pastor, if you are interested in serving God through the ministries of Music & the Worship Arts.

Listed below are some of the places for artists of all ages to serve.

Music Team:

Music is a vehicle for praising God, and this simple fact makes participating on the Praise Team a high and noble calling. We can find satisfaction in producing great music together, but our ultimate purpose is to develop and best use the vocal, instrumental, and technical abilities God has given us to assist the congregation to wholeheartedly praise God through music.

Technical Arts Team:

The Technical Arts Team prepares, operates, maintains, supports and seamlessly integrates the technologies of audio, video and graphical presentations, to connect with people and to connect people to God.

Dance Team:

The art of dance expresses the feeling and emotions of God in which God’s Holy Spirit flows through the very being as one dances. This team dances periodically in worship and is led by Rachel Clark.

Dramatic Arts Team:

At St. Marks we use dramatic readings, monologues, skits, mime, and puppets periodically during worship to connect with people and to connect people to God.

Visual Arts Team:

The Visual Arts Worship Team is in ministry together to design and implement the visual arts throughout the sanctuary to enable worshipers to experience God and God’s message in a meaningful way.

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