The St. Marks Kingdom Zone strives to connect kids to God and foster spirituality in their lives through community connections, congregational support, and meaningful content. A set of core beliefs shape the learning experiences and are provided in a caring and child-friendly manner that seeks to unify members through God’s love.

The messages of Jesus’ life are integral in our spiritual journey

We provide curriculum and learning experiences that reinforce the importance of having a kind and loving spirit, being forgiving of ourselves and others, showing empathy and compassion towards others, and being generous in our giving of gifts and services.

Differences are valuable and serve to broaden our experiences and open our hearts

We strive to celebrate diversity through an inclusive environment.

A sense of community and belonging are vital to happiness.

We seek to create a cooperative spirit in our program where we work together and support each other.

Service to others is our responsibility

We strive to foster a sense of gratitude for our blessings and use our gifts and talents to help those in need.

Children learn best through meaningful experiences

We provide regular opportunities for growth through hands-on, relevant experiences using thoughtfully chosen curriculum and activities.

Family is an integral part of a child’s learning and growth.

We seek to meet families where they are on their spiritual journey and connect with families through regular communication and on-going opportunities for fellowship.

Children are an integral part of the larger church community.

We strive to have a presence within the church and look for opportunities for children and members to interact and be connected.

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