Imaginari is a creative co-op sponsored by St Marks Church. The purpose of Imaginari is to transform the community through creativity and to be a heart of creative culture in Chattanooga.

St Marks has a heart for the arts – in whatever forms that takes. Having sponsored several public and private creative endeavors, we believe the innovative community here in Chattanooa is important and should be supported in any means possible.

If you are a creator, maker, visionary or idea generator, you will not want to miss what Imaginari has in store for Chattanooga.

This community-focused arts initiative will serve as an avenue for creators to come together and serve, using their individual talents to speak as a collective group and spark imagination & connectivity.

Here’s the great thing, you don’t have to paint, sculpt or play to be included. St Marks recognizes that creativity comes in many forms, so we are opening participation in this initiative to all who have something creative to contribute. Here are only a few possible examples:

  • Poets and writers
  • Video editors and movie makers
  • Fine artists
  • Musicians – performers, writers and instructors
  • Photographers
  • Food and Drink Creatives – bakers, chefs, beer/wine makers and canners
  • Crafters and Makers

Interested in learning more about Imaginari? Contact Anna Golladay for more details.