Faithmarks is, quite simply, a photographic gallery show exploring the intersect of spirituality and the art of tattoos.

In 2012, Carl Greene and Anna Golladay, leaders at St Marks Church had a wild idea. What if we found a way to have spiritual conversations with those in our community who are not normally interested in church-speak? What if we engaged in dialogue that opened doors, not closed them in the faces of those who seek? This initiative was a leap of faith for Carl, Anna and the St Marks community. Although all felt that this kind of inter-denominational and inter-faith ministry was perfect for the Northshore community and the area in which St Marks makes its geographic home, there was no telling of the response or the reach.

Through the help of local tattoo studios and social media, they interviewed prospective candidates for the photography. Persons were asked to share the spiritual story that went along with their tattoo and that story will be a part of the show. It was not necessary that the candidates be Christian, but they were asked to have a true spiritual or faith-based reasoning behind the tattoo.

The first “chapter” of the show was launched in March 2013. In 2015, Chapter 2 was unveiled as a wonderful continuation of this concept. We are now preparing for the launch of Chapter 3 in April 2017.

All photographs were shot on the St Marks campus in the Northshore of Chattanooga. The 100 year-old church has both classic and artisan styling that afforded the photographer a phenomenal backdrop for the images. The photographers for Chapter One of the show were Tiffany and Patrick Jaworski of Sweet T Studios. The photographer for Chapter Two is Ricky Davis of TRD Photography.

We have a unique blend of Christian, Jewish and agnostic spirituality represented in the show. Because each persons “story” will accompany the image, attendees will have a unique opportunity to experience the story surrounding the tattoo in addition to the beauty of the photo itself.

Faithmarks is not simply beautiful imagery. It is an experience that is meant to take each on their own spiritual journey. As such, the show provides your organization a non-threatening experience for those who visit – encouraging spiritual conversations which are certain to flow naturally as the show is viewed.

Interested in learning more about Faithmarks? Contact Anna Golladay for more details.