FaithMarks: Chapter 3

Carl GreeneEvents

Mark your calendars for the biggest arts event of the year! Faithmarks: Chapter 3 will be held in the St Marks gym on Saturday, May 13 at 7pm. You will not want to miss this night of photography, the art of tattooing, good food, fun and fellowship with the community. If you would like to help, reach out to Ellie Barnette or Anna Golladay.
What is Faithmarks? In 2013, St Marks created a traveling art exhibit that highlights the spiritual stories behind the tattoos that people wear. The images, along with the stories, travel the country as a means by which spiritual conversations are sparked and communities are interweaved. We have 41 images as a part of Chapter 1 (2013) and Chapter 2 (2015). We unveil the new additions to the show on May 13. Don’t miss being with us!